Damn… I love my spot…

July 18, 2008



I love it here… my apartment is gorgeous.. open brick, french doors, hardwood floors and even though its miniature a claw foot tub. When it’s clear outside i have an incredible view of Mt. Hood as well as downtown portland. This is the first time I have been able to see all my adorable and odd collections out on display in a place that really did them justice..

What with my fake fruit collection, doll parts, and my newest bell pepper magnets i am feeling pretty darn artistic and overall inspired.

yep they really can fly

yep they really can fly

Thank god for this… i might have gone insane without this time alone. Although i get super lonely sometimes and just wanna snuggle from my bestest friends and family…evie june, jessie, and little d….

One Response to “Damn… I love my spot…”

  1. jessie said

    Damn! I love your spot too. It’s so cute and totally perfect for you. Can’t wait to come see it! We miss you Auntie. The pepper magnets are too much! You are amazingly creative.

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