flowers for you….can’t wait to meet you

July 18, 2008

My dearest friends Aninka and Devin are having a little baby girl sometime in september and i am heading off to Sacramento tomorrow to spend the weekend with them and take part in their baby shower. I have been sewing this baby blanket for weeks and must say it has come out just fantastic.. I used old upholstery fabrics to make the flowers, some really simple striped fabric for the background and last some super soft and baby friendly flannel for the back. 

I think it really looks spunky and pretty which is exactly the way I imagine this little sweet punkin to be…

a pretty one isnt it

a pretty one isnt it

Just a side note.. i do believe that Devin and Aninka are a true love story to be talked about. They inspire me that love is out there and you just have to make that choice and work hard at it….. They fell in love at a bus stop in the capital city of Croatia however many years ago.  They truly are a match made in heaven.. and despite the distance and large phone bills they made it work.

I am so lucky to be in their lives..

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