my pops and me.. in P-Town

July 18, 2008

My dad came to visit right after i moved to portland and it really was special for me… Not only did he help me get settled in my place, get aquainted with the city, fill my cupboards and fridge with food but he also rode the public transport system with me for hours.. i am guessing it is a throwback to his days as an engineer on the railroads but we literally rode the MAX from one end of town all the way to the other and back. It was quite frankly hysterical and relaxing. Thanx to him though i am now perfectly comfortable on the trains and ride them whenever i am feeling a bit too lazy to walk. 

We also visited the japanese gardens and ate a ton of wonderful meals at all the coolest spots. Most importantly for me though was the quality time with my pops as we talked about the past and were able to deal with some of the sadness inevitable when your parents are forced to marry cuz of their cult church, divorce because the only thing they had in common was the church… and then live across the country from eachother. So it was wonderful and i am happy inside… yeah

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