I’m a godmother.. well not yet

July 22, 2008


what an incredible weekend i had.. i didn’t even realize how desperately i was in the need for some real bonding time with some close friends…. My heart has been so heavy these last months and it was such a blessing to have my dear friends remind me how wonderfully talented and beautiful i am.. so for this i say thanks guys… Not to mention Devin and Aninka asked me to be Their daughter, AnJA Lucia Kelish, Godmother.  I just can’t begin to tell you how honored and touched i feel to be asked this. I guess this means i had better read up on religions since i am now in control of this little girls faith.. hehehehe


At first i felt like my trip to sacramento for devin and aniNkas baby shower was going to be way too short given that I arrived friday at 4 and came back around 1 on sunday.  I was pleasantly surprised that we had more than enough time to bond and most importantly remember how important our friendship was to the three (soon to be four of us.) After several wonderful meals in hip sacramento downtown reminiscing about life in croatia i almost feel that we traveled back together for a quick visit.

Aninkas baby shower on saturday was just beautiful.. It was so nice to see all of devin and her friends come together to love this new baby into the world. It is so different then the way we do things in humboldt and therefore I had to add some of the sweetness that all the mommas in town share when a womans giving birth in the community. It was so beautiful to watch everyone take part in wrapping the yarn around Aninka’s beautiful belly and wish her and the baby something special as well as just talk about their connection. In the end we cut and tied our strings around our wrist to be kept close to us during these last few weeks of incubating.  I admit it i cried as we did this because i felt so deeply connected to the little baby girl waiting to enter all of our lives.  I almost forgot to mention that my baby blanket was such a hit.. Sweet Aninka started to cry and i could tell that from the bottom of her heart she adored what I had made for her and little Anja… Yeah

4 Responses to “I’m a godmother.. well not yet”

  1. Martina said

    Hi , my name is Martina I’m aninkas Croatian friend and I lost her cell # . 😦 can you please send me her # or have her call me . My cell is 9169042754. Thank you sp much

  2. IcemanDylan said

    I met Aninka and Devin at Old Ironsides in Sac in 2006… had an amazing night with them, and I believe, the Asian girl in that pic… and I have some interesting pics to prove it. I wonder if you can put me in touch again. I’m in Sac just this week.

  3. lev said

    IcemanDylan, I suggest you get tested.

  4. Job said

    Lev, Tested on what…???

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