A- MAson.. turns 13

July 24, 2008


My heart just jumps in my little chest when I remember sweet little mason as a tiny little blond boy….he has always been such an important part of my life and now this little boy is turning 13. I just can’t hardly believe it. What a wonderful age to be.. so full of contrast and decisions.  I am so proud of who He is and look forward to who he will continue to become. 


Killin it!!!

Killin it!!



I imagine MasoN as a famous DJ dropping beats like no other.. and for this very special 13th birthday I am giving Mason CD dj’s and a mixer so that he can start practicing. 13 is such an important age and i am excited to see Mason dive into this hobby with passion and responsibility. In the old days there used to be coming of age ceremonies and what not… we seem to have lost that in our culture. However, maybe this big day can be celebrated with a new hobby.

i love you lots mason …have fun  

I wish for you so much happiness.

its a big deal

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