Whaddya do??….Well I’m A jeweler!!!

July 24, 2008


Doesn’t it just have a ring to it.. I love saying it over and over.. however at this point no one is asking me out right what i do for a living. SOOOO… as usual i am playing in my head and making up never ending fantasies about my profession of choice. I can’t believe it is true but yes, pretty soon I will be an official jeweler. This is something that I have always wanted to do.. but life took its path and it seems like i have done almost every other thing but this. I love love love making jewelry. It does something for me… it satisfies my deep desire to make and create. To put my artistic stamp on the world and claim my place as an ARTIST.. It also satisfies the overthetopeddness that i sometimes try to hold back but realize at 30 that I am finally aloud to just show it off. I love that jewelry is an accessory to an outfit but really it MaKEs the outfit. People go crazy over unique pieces and for this I am banking my future on….

Here is a wee little sample of the last 5 Weeks of work. Many of these projects are well to say the least tedious and ridiculous..and yes i fought my way through them. However, looking back on these I am so very proud of what I have learned. They may seem simple but there are hours and hours of work in each piece and for everyone that you see there were probably three that ended up melted and stuck to the work bench..so really these are like a miracle because they made it through the DAMAgER…(As i have begun to be called among my fellow jewelers in training.)


Ruby rings for little girls
Ruby rings for little girls


Same as before just harder

Same as before just harder


Hope you enjoy them as much as i do…

One Response to “Whaddya do??….Well I’m A jeweler!!!”

  1. Julie said


    Despite your terrifying images of burned and sanded-off flesh (I’m also accident prone), I’m considering going to jewelry school and would love your opinion on http://www.jewelersacademy.com/ .

    Do you think it was a good program and worth the money? Did they help with job placement or advise on working for yourself?

    If you had to do it all over again, would you go here?

    Thanks for your insights!


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