Grief… I saw it on your face sir!

September 13, 2008


New York City Edition  |  National Edition


Today while i was waiting at my local coffee shop for my usual double americano with whip cream i glanced down at the front page of the New York Times and immediately i was drawn in.  The image on the front of todays paper gripped at my heart so deeply that i immediately begin to weep. This man is standing with his granddaughter at the 7 year anniversary/ memorial of 9/11. You can see the grief all over his face as he mourns the loss of his firefighter son. 

I am usually drawn to peoples emotions and i gauge the way i walk through life based on how it seems the people around me feel. I was moved so deeply by this image because the story it told was as raw and true as they come. I could not control the flood of tears that streamed down my face because ultimately i felt the grief that this man was suffering from. The tremendous loss of a son is undeniable but this man’s emotions were written all over his face and then captured on film.


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