i have officially seen it all..

September 17, 2008

well.. i was reading one of my favorite blogs today, TokyoMango.. and this was what i found.  At first i caught myself laughing hysterically but then began to feel so sad for this poor man.

Fake dead body was some guy’s virtual girlfriend

SexdollJust under a month ago, a couple walking their dog in the woods found a dead body, bound and wrapped in plastic. They called the cops, who unwrapped not a human corpse but a sex doll. It was all over the news. Investigators finally figured out who was responsible for this scare. They also found that that this wasn’t a prank, but the real “murder” of a man-on-plastic romantic relationship gone awry.  

Pink Tentacle writes:  

According to investigators, the man had lived with the sophisticated doll for several years after his wife passed away, but decided to part with her after making plans to move in with one of his children. “It seems he grew attached to the doll over the years,” said the chief investigator. “He was confused about how to get rid of her. He thought it would be cruel to cut her up into pieces and throw her out with the trash, so he proceeded to dump her illegally.”

The guilty owner was a 60-year old unemployed man who may be fined for violating the Waste Management Law. 


On a lighter note this reminded me of an incredibly hysterical movie that everyone should be forced to see. 

Lars and the Perfect Girl.

Quirky and downright ridiculous

Lars and the Real Girl


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