oh hell ya.. i can’t explain the depths of my excitement.  Tonight i am going to see the one and only SirMixaLot which is fabulous because now i can cross him off my list of to do’s in life.. which we all know is my favoritest thing to do of all.


Just in case the pic had you wanting more from mr.. mix a bunch check out this video. It’ll be  just a little trip down memory lane.



i forgot…

July 26, 2008

how much i love the movie  HAROLD and MAUDE..


© 1971 Paramount Pictures Corporation; photograph from a private collection]
Because above all the quirkyness… it is real enough to make me think. 
About what is most important.
Commitment to each other as one species on earth
all the good things really

I just finished these little pieces and they came out pretty good. I am really anxious to get my gold stock in so that I can start adding some serious bLiNg to my Things.. But for now this is gonna have to do.


pretty little pendants
pretty little pendants



Not Big Enough!!
Not Big Enough!!





A- MAson.. turns 13

July 24, 2008


My heart just jumps in my little chest when I remember sweet little mason as a tiny little blond boy….he has always been such an important part of my life and now this little boy is turning 13. I just can’t hardly believe it. What a wonderful age to be.. so full of contrast and decisions.  I am so proud of who He is and look forward to who he will continue to become. 


Killin it!!!

Killin it!!



I imagine MasoN as a famous DJ dropping beats like no other.. and for this very special 13th birthday I am giving Mason CD dj’s and a mixer so that he can start practicing. 13 is such an important age and i am excited to see Mason dive into this hobby with passion and responsibility. In the old days there used to be coming of age ceremonies and what not… we seem to have lost that in our culture. However, maybe this big day can be celebrated with a new hobby.

i love you lots mason …have fun  

I wish for you so much happiness.

its a big deal





Jessie's pEndanT
Jessie’s pEndanT



This was the first piece I made that was not a project for school and I made it for JEssIE for her birthday. I fell in love with the stone when I found it but had no idea that I could actually turn it into a fabulous piece of jewelry.. and so My teacher taught me the art of cabochoning your own stone.. This was a raw piece of stone, yes literally a rock, that I had to cut, shape and polish into what you now see set in sterling silver. I then learned the art of texturing metal and so what you see is one blinging piece of Agate…I love it and know it will just look fabulous around her pretty little neck… 

Enjoy my friend… My its fun to make things for the people you love…


Doesn’t it just have a ring to it.. I love saying it over and over.. however at this point no one is asking me out right what i do for a living. SOOOO… as usual i am playing in my head and making up never ending fantasies about my profession of choice. I can’t believe it is true but yes, pretty soon I will be an official jeweler. This is something that I have always wanted to do.. but life took its path and it seems like i have done almost every other thing but this. I love love love making jewelry. It does something for me… it satisfies my deep desire to make and create. To put my artistic stamp on the world and claim my place as an ARTIST.. It also satisfies the overthetopeddness that i sometimes try to hold back but realize at 30 that I am finally aloud to just show it off. I love that jewelry is an accessory to an outfit but really it MaKEs the outfit. People go crazy over unique pieces and for this I am banking my future on….

Here is a wee little sample of the last 5 Weeks of work. Many of these projects are well to say the least tedious and ridiculous..and yes i fought my way through them. However, looking back on these I am so very proud of what I have learned. They may seem simple but there are hours and hours of work in each piece and for everyone that you see there were probably three that ended up melted and stuck to the work bench..so really these are like a miracle because they made it through the DAMAgER…(As i have begun to be called among my fellow jewelers in training.)


Ruby rings for little girls
Ruby rings for little girls


Same as before just harder

Same as before just harder


Hope you enjoy them as much as i do…

A Bestest friend…

you know those times when you just need that special person in your life to listen to you when you’re feeling low.. well luckily for me and all the students in my jewelry course I have this one.

Even in times of total selfishness and chaos I know that Jessie will listen, understand and most importantly say that she loves me.  It’s essential for me to have this connection with another woman because sometimes life just gets too scary to deal with on your own. 
I am so grateful to jessie and her family for making me always feel welcome, loved and important. I love you guys soooooooo much and miss seeing you every day.

You are truly the best friend a gal could have and for this i am eternally grateful. I can’t wait to start our business together and rule the world of bling..


what an incredible weekend i had.. i didn’t even realize how desperately i was in the need for some real bonding time with some close friends…. My heart has been so heavy these last months and it was such a blessing to have my dear friends remind me how wonderfully talented and beautiful i am.. so for this i say thanks guys… Not to mention Devin and Aninka asked me to be Their daughter, AnJA Lucia Kelish, Godmother.  I just can’t begin to tell you how honored and touched i feel to be asked this. I guess this means i had better read up on religions since i am now in control of this little girls faith.. hehehehe


At first i felt like my trip to sacramento for devin and aniNkas baby shower was going to be way too short given that I arrived friday at 4 and came back around 1 on sunday.  I was pleasantly surprised that we had more than enough time to bond and most importantly remember how important our friendship was to the three (soon to be four of us.) After several wonderful meals in hip sacramento downtown reminiscing about life in croatia i almost feel that we traveled back together for a quick visit.

Aninkas baby shower on saturday was just beautiful.. It was so nice to see all of devin and her friends come together to love this new baby into the world. It is so different then the way we do things in humboldt and therefore I had to add some of the sweetness that all the mommas in town share when a womans giving birth in the community. It was so beautiful to watch everyone take part in wrapping the yarn around Aninka’s beautiful belly and wish her and the baby something special as well as just talk about their connection. In the end we cut and tied our strings around our wrist to be kept close to us during these last few weeks of incubating.  I admit it i cried as we did this because i felt so deeply connected to the little baby girl waiting to enter all of our lives.  I almost forgot to mention that my baby blanket was such a hit.. Sweet Aninka started to cry and i could tell that from the bottom of her heart she adored what I had made for her and little Anja… Yeah



I love it here… my apartment is gorgeous.. open brick, french doors, hardwood floors and even though its miniature a claw foot tub. When it’s clear outside i have an incredible view of Mt. Hood as well as downtown portland. This is the first time I have been able to see all my adorable and odd collections out on display in a place that really did them justice..

What with my fake fruit collection, doll parts, and my newest bell pepper magnets i am feeling pretty darn artistic and overall inspired.

yep they really can fly

yep they really can fly

Thank god for this… i might have gone insane without this time alone. Although i get super lonely sometimes and just wanna snuggle from my bestest friends and family…evie june, jessie, and little d….

My dearest friends Aninka and Devin are having a little baby girl sometime in september and i am heading off to Sacramento tomorrow to spend the weekend with them and take part in their baby shower. I have been sewing this baby blanket for weeks and must say it has come out just fantastic.. I used old upholstery fabrics to make the flowers, some really simple striped fabric for the background and last some super soft and baby friendly flannel for the back. 

I think it really looks spunky and pretty which is exactly the way I imagine this little sweet punkin to be…

a pretty one isnt it

a pretty one isnt it

Just a side note.. i do believe that Devin and Aninka are a true love story to be talked about. They inspire me that love is out there and you just have to make that choice and work hard at it….. They fell in love at a bus stop in the capital city of Croatia however many years ago.  They truly are a match made in heaven.. and despite the distance and large phone bills they made it work.

I am so lucky to be in their lives..