Nagi Noda flew away…

September 13, 2008



Today was a sad day. I found out that one of my most favorite artists, dreamers, doers passed away.  Her multitalented approach to her art always made my mouth drop to the floor with unbelief and true heart felt inspiration.  Nagi Noda has left behind an impressive legacy of bizarre and playful work that leaves us all wondering why do the good ones leave so soon.

“The world of Japanese artist/designer/director Nagi Noda is both whimsical and strange. It involves a collection of half-panda stuffed animals, pigtails that swarm around a model’s head like butterflies, and aerobicizing poodles led by a poodle-like human instructor in a surreal short film called, simply, Fitness Video. According to Noda, her work offers a twist on the Japanese fascination with kawaii, or “cuteness.”  Creativity online website.

This video directed by Nagi Noda, is unbelievable and shows the depth of her artistic brilliance.


It also spurred a campaign for coke and the video is wonderful. Never wanted a coke so much as i do now. 

Of course this is an hysterical video also directed by Nagi. I just couldn’t leave it out.

Her website is amazing and the pics are never ending of all her talent. I couldn’t leave without one last photo of her infamous hair hats… I love them and I love her.

[cabell.jpg] – be careful you’ll be here all day.